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At the intersection of architecture and public health is Plan Z for Miami, a not-for-profit organization founded with the purpose of restoring safety and vitality to South Florida’s most preferred waterfront destination spot for exercise and recreation: Rickenbacker Causeway.

Plan Z for Miami seeks to transform this outdated, dangerous, single use infrastructure into a world class, multi-modal recreational asset that promotes physical activity, health and well-being while in a natural and safe environment. The concept for PLAN Z FOR MIAMI was generated in response to the continuing deaths of cyclists on the Rickenbacker Causeway in Miami-Dade county.

PLAN Z’s goal is to help minimize cycling risks while providing uninhibited access to clean air and exercise in a safe, scenic environment while also taking into account future bridge replacement and the potential for sea-level rise.


Although Miami-Dade county’s Rickenbacker Causeway is one of the most popular bicycling routes in America, no physical division between the cars and bikes exists. This lack of separation between bikes and cars, excessive speeds and drunk driving has contributed to four fatalities since 2006.

Thus, making this the most dangerous transportation and recreation corridor in the state of Florida for cyclists. Architect and urban planner Bernard Zyscovich, an ardent lifelong cyclist himself, determined to find a way to make the Rickenbacker Causeway safe for joggers, strollers, walkers, and cyclists. Bernard has developed a plan that will transform the unsafe infrastructure into a safe, lively, multi-purposed urban park. Furthermore, it will show how with Rickenbacker Park, Miami’s urban dwellers will gain a refuge where they can “get out of town” without having to leave the city.

In this latest exhibition, ‘From Infrastructure to Open Space’, on display at the Coral Gables Museum, from March 3 to May 14, 2017, Zyscovich reveals how this grassroots-led effort of community stakeholders have come together to help repurpose the Rickenbacker Causeway from a dangerous roadway into an active urban park.

Making Rickenbacker Causeway into Rickenbacker Park is an interactive exhibit that invites visitors to imagine the transformation of a single-purpose section of transportation infrastructure into a safe and vibrant recreational open space. Curated and sponsored by Plan Z for Miami, a 501 C3 nonprofit foundation, the exhibit illustrates how a strictly utilitarian roadway can be reimagined to become a safe, lively, multi-purpose urban park with twenty acres of new waterfront space while also taking into account future bridge replacement and sea-level rise.


Bernard Zyscovich, FAIA
Grace Perdomo, Associate AIA
Aymee Zubizarreta
Victor Dover, FAICP, LEED-AP-CNU
Frankie Ruiz
Ralph Rosado, Ph.D.
Elijah Stiers, Esq.
Eugene Stearns, Esq.
Maribel Reyes (in honor of Walter Reyes)
Henry Hernandez, Esq.
Langan Engineering
Ana C. Benatuil, LEED-AP, BD+C
Sue Kawalerski
Lee Marks

Finley Matheson
Bruce Matheson

Special Thanks to Mikael Colville-Andersen, CEO and Founder of Copenhagenize Design Co.


Frankie Ruiz (Miami Run Club)
Sue Kawalerski (Everglades Bicycle Club)
Laura Erickson (The Underline Cycling Club)
Andrea England (Pink Siren Sports)
Victor Dover, FAICP, LEED-AP-CNU (Wheels & Ludlam Trail)
Meg Daly (The Underline)
Tony Garcia (Ludlam Trail)


Darys Avila
Christopher Fernandez
Ai Ito
Katiuska Del Rio
Yandy Martinez
Jean-Claude Bien-Aime
Michael Wohl
Joseph Goldstein
Jennifer Garcia
Jeff Krinsky
David Skinner
Malcolm Kirschenbaum
Richard Fendelman
Seth Gordon
Laura Cerwinski
Colombe De Las Tours
Tony Shahnami
Timothy Haahs


AIA Miami Chapter
APA Florida Gold Coast Section
Bike 305
City of Miami
Everglades Bicycle Club
Friends of Ludlam Trail
Friends of The Underline
Green Mobility Network
Greater Miami Dade Chamber of Commerce, Transportation Committee
Miami Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces
Miami Dade County, Office of the Mayor
Miami Dade County MPO BPAC
Miami Dade County MPO TARC
Neat Streets Miami
Street Plans Collaborative